Abandonment Issues

Hello Readers,

The name of this post is the name of one of my short stories. It was published today. You can read it here at 1:1000. While you are there, check out stories from some of the other fabulous writers 1:1000 has published.

I like the story. It takes me back to my roots, growing up in Arizona on Route 66. I was prompted to write the story by a photo, which was probably not taken on Route 66. I can easily imagine buildings on that highway in that state of abandonment. I have seen them alive with activity, and abandoned and forgotten.

Route 66, Kingman, Arizona, USA

Route 66 sign in Kingman, Arizona, where I grew up.

I have a fascination with abandoned buildings. I think about the people that passed through the hotel, the school, the home, and what the building meant to them. Were they with loved ones? How long were they there? Why did they leave?

I have spent hours on YouTube looking at abandoned building videos. I wonder what happened to make a family up and leave so suddenly they left dirty dishes in the sink and clothes in the dryer. Loving animals the way I do, I can’t imagine leaving any of my dogs behind. But people leave pets behind, too. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

Some of the videos are historical in nature. There is a French apartment that was not opened for seventy years! The antiques and pieces of artwork left behind by a woman, a French actress who left before WWII and never returned, are nothing short of amazing. The odd thing is, she continued to pay the rent all those years. Why? She died at the age of 91 in the recent past. Her family didn’t know the apartment existed until they were liquidating her estate. Here is a link to a video in case you are interested. There are several other videos telling the same story. There are similar videos of homes and businesses that were left in their original condition. I think about the people that did these things and just know I will write a story about someone leaving a home behind.

Would a story about an abandoned home and its owner interest you? What does interest you? Let me know by leaving a comment. If you would like to write a short, short story about an abandoned home (500 words or less), feel free to leave your story as a comment.

Until we meet again…



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