How did you get interested in the paranormal?

Dear Readers,

There are many reasons I am interested in the paranormal. This post will give you a taste of those reasons.

When I was a little girl, just before my fourth birthday, my family moved from Phoenix, Arizona, to Kingman, Arizona. I actually liked our first home there because of the trees, and a couple nearby hills. It was an older house, and this was in 1967. It was on a decent-sized, fenced lot, with gray, slate tiles on the side, and a bay window that seemed to be made for our kitchen table.

But there was something about that house that I couldn’t see the first time our car pulled into the driveway. The house was haunted, crazy haunted. That house was one of the most haunted houses I have ever been in, and I have been in more haunted houses than I can count. But I wasn’t often afraid. I was a curious little girl, and at that age, and even now, to some degree, unless something gave me a reason to be frightened, I wasn’t afraid of it.

The first time I noticed the house was haunted was when I woke up in the middle of the night, a few nights after we moved in. I heard people talking in my bedroom. I believed I was the only one in my room, but when I opened my eyes I saw that I was wrong. There were people standing in the room, including an older gentleman I came to know as John. John was a kind, intelligent man and could control some of the other spirits in the house. There was also a family in the house and a few single spirits here and there. I concluded that they are people, like you and I, a belief I hold to this day.

Mysterious Woman in the Mist

Most spirits don’t look like this…

Like living people, there are spirits who are nice and those who are not nice. There was a woman I didn’t like. She leaned against the end of my parent’s dresser, standing between the dresser and the bedroom door. I will never forget her, though I never knew her name. She was about twenty-five years old, with the thin, emaciated look of a “flapper” from the 1920s. She wore a dark-colored, tank dress with long fringe around the bodice and the hem. Her straight, dark hair was cut in a short bob with severe, straight bangs. Accessorizing her outfit was a long cigarette holder without a cigarette. With her arms crossed, she sneered at me as I approached my parent’s room. Her eyes followed me as far as they could, then she turned her head toward me. As soon as I reached my destination in the room, her head snapped back to looking straight ahead. Her arms uncrossed and hung limply at her sides. One time, bold little me made a face at her. She acted like it didn’t bother her. I will never forget her and that sneer. Now, as an adult, I would like to try to communicate with her and ask her why she was so angry at me. Is it because she had so much more life to live? So many more parties to go to? At the age I am now, roughly twice her age, I would likely understand.

We lived in that house for six years. I had paranormal experiences almost every day, as did some of my friends and family members.

I have had experiences in other places, homes I have lived or stayed in, hotels, stores – spirits are everywhere. I think they just want to communicate. Imagine if you were around people all day, but everyone you saw ignored you as if you didn’t exist. You would try every way you could to get someone’s attention. That is one reason I became a paranormal investigator (also known as a ghost hunter) years ago. I want to give these individuals a voice. Like the rest of us, they have stories to tell.

Stories are another reason I am interested in the paranormal. I enjoy knowing about the human history of a place. Human history is nothing but stories! When I see an abandoned home, I wonder about the people who lived in that house. Who were they? Why aren’t they there anymore? Are they still there? So many questions run through my mind about the people who had been there.

As a writer, I want to tell stories about people. In my Astrid Peterson series, Astrid is able to tell the stories no one else can tell. Astrid gives the spirits a voice.

So, let me ask you the same question. Why are you interested in the paranormal? Let me know in the comment section. Do you have any questions for me? The comment section is a great place for your questions, as well.

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. If you would like to read about something here on this blog, please let me know…in the comment section.


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